Cherokee St. Theater Co. is working with local artists to bring about artistic collaborations with the goal of celebrating, informing and inspiring our communities.

Local Artist Collab

Cherokee Street Tarot Cards

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This collaboration brings together Julianne Wise, Zoe Smith, local models, and photographers to create tarot cards that celebrate our community. This project will take months to complete. However, we will be sharing progress online and hosting events as we reach milestones. Stay tuned!

Janson Hanson's Dreamcraft After Party

Featuring Tawaine Himself & Deejay Makossa

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After Party 11PM - 1AM | MAR 12th | Mad Art Gallery

This collaboration brings together Jason Hanson, Tawaine Himself, Deejay Makoosa to celebrate Jasons' solo art exhibit at Mad Art Gallery, MAR 11 & 12th.

11PM: Tawaine Himself//Vancouver China

12AM: Deejay Makossa

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Cherry Springuh

Local writers + Local Music + Audience

Kill Bill Ball

Kill Bill Parody + Local Musicians

Cabaret Cherokee St.

Cabaret + Drag