About Us

We founded Cherokee Street Theater Co. with a desire to draw the community together through theatrical experiences, workshops and events. We know that art can heal, inspire and bring us together...and make us freaking giggle until we wet our pants...or fear if we don't stop laughing soon we may pass out...or [insert your personal laughing trauma here]. šŸ¤£

We are thrilled and honored to do this work in one of our region's dopest neighborhoods.

The Cherokee Street Theatre Co. excels in taking pop-culture phenomena and translating into truly funny live-action parodies. While some may scoff at the lowbrow nature of the shows, they provide laugh-out-loud entertainment for their audiences and are a great gateway company to other theatrical experiences. - Tina Farmer, KDHX

Suki & Ron

Gremlins - Holiday Parody


Some want to enhance their acting training and technique. Some want to gain confidence in their skills. Some want to meet people with similar interests. Some just want to try something new. No matter the reason, students of any age and experience level are welcome to attend CSTCo. workshops.

Here, they will find classes taught by trained theatre professionals and a safe space to explore and deepen their understanding of the performing arts.


Check back for more details or join our mailing list for backstage workshops.


Check back for more details or join our mailing list for onstage workshops.

Contact Us

Mailing Address:

3407 S. Jefferson, St. Louis, MO 63118. USA

Performance Venue:

2720 Cherokee Street, St. Louis, MO 63118. USA